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The Legend of Zelda——Breath of the Wild——How to Get Free Weapons Quickly

The Legend of Zelda——Breath of the Wild

Obtaining weapons is very important for the novice player. The reason I said that is because we can’t fight with others without weapons in the game. Here are some locations that we collected for you, and you can get the weapons from these places. For the novice, this is definitely an opportunity to get free weapons. (For more game strategies, you can go to Pojifi blog.)

Pick up weapons

Spot 1: Forest Tower

forest tower

After you entering the forest tower, you need to walk along the road to the direction of the cave, and climb up the hole.

Climbing up
on the top

At the top of the stone you’ll see the kings of sword. And you can get the props here.

get the sword

Spot 2: Gerudo Tower

Gerudo tower

There is a small hill in the northwest direction, can you can use the first skill to fly over directly.

Fly over two hills
the process of flying

You’ll see a hole blocked with three stones, and then you need to remove the stone.

remove the stone

Use skills: time lock and fast charge attack

The weapons in the cave

There are many weapons inside, 50 attacks for the Meditation Great Sword, 50 attacks for the Moonlight Dagger, 38 attacks for Grud’s Bow, and there are also Sun Shield, Grud’s Gun, etc.

Charged attack

There are also 3 treasure chests: 300 gold rupees, 5 bomb arrows, opal, etc.

3 more treasure chest

Grab weapons

Spot 1: Arena Ruins

Arena Ruins

Choose thunder weapons to attack monsters, and then pick up weapons.

choose weapons

attack monsters

Use the Mojira mask to shoot a long gun. If you don’t have one, just don’t do that and then upgrade the attributes of your weapons.

equipped with Mojira Mask

On the next layer you’ll see the the ice weapons: ice swords, guns, and the next layer is fire attribute.

Spot 2: Hyrule Castle Dockyard

forest tower


You’ll also get many weapons here.

row over the rope

There are a lot of monsters in it, you can choose to kill them directly, and then grab their weapons.

steal the weapon

Then walk along and you will have something similar to an altar. And then what you need to do is to light it, and a mysterious temple will appear. After unlocking the temple, you can teleport at any time to get weapons here.

get the weapons here

see the fire


Continue to go.

go along the road

You're going to see this screen, guess what is in it?

guess what's in the cage

Oops, the golden gun looks awesome.

the golden gun

Besides, you can continue to pick weapons along the way. 

These are some of the game weapon acquisition strategies recommended by the editor. As long as you find the right place, it is not too easy to obtain weapons. Of course, if you have the ability to make money, then please ignore me, thank you!

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