STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town-3 Tips for Success

Story of seasons_friends of mineral town


We’ve mainly introduced the general information of this game in the last
passage——Ranch story. Now we’re going to continue introducing the play
skills for you guys, which will help you to achieve success. If you want to
explore more in the game or or you want to have a game experience more
smoothly, let’s have a deeper discuss.

Story of seasons_friends of mineral town
The above is a general introduction to the game, then let's talk about the gameplay skills.

Basic skills

You need to plant a good crop to get the harvest first, and expand the planting area as much as possible to increase the income.After the funds are accumulated, facilities can be built for breeding.Plan your farming and animal husbandry time every day, and spend the rest of your time wandering around—interacting with townspeople, exploring places you’ve never been to, mining, upgrading tools, etc.Keep an eye on the calendar and try to be prepared for each event.Experience the happy ranch life of starting a family and starting a business.
where the arrow points

Here are some tips to increase efficiency:

Make a good relationship with the dwarf (the upper right finger in the picture is the dwarf's home), and increase the work proficiency. Dwarfs are very helpful to you.

Upgrade items as soon as possible, and try to have sage items available in the spring of the second year.

Be sure to maintain sufficient physical strength to obtain the fruit of power

(will be explained later).

You can earn betting tickets for spring races, 6 or 7 times are acceptable.There is also a horse race in autumn.
Ranch facilities are given priority to upgrade breeding, and their own houses have little to do with production, which can be discussed later. You can take good care of animals by hiring dwarfs. You only need to improve the animal's favorability, which is very convenient.
Chinese merchants can also make money to send gold mines, which may also consume some favorability.
In the first year, you can focus on making money, and you can ignore everything else. Until the third year, you can focus on other elements of the game, such as collection, love and so on.
The little girl Munch is happy

Important arrangements of the four seasons:


Even if you don't have money, you still need to use flowers to please

the dwarf and make a good relationship with it.


If the dwarfs have enough favorability to you, you can ask them to help you work on a sunny day. The flowers in the mountains after summer are the most popular of the  whole year, and it is the time to please the villagers. A ring of chopped wood around the edge of the field can also protect crops. As soon as the weather forecast on TV gets news of a typhoon, all animals are to be brought back indoors. The summer crops have a long harvest time, but the profits are outstanding. If you have the patience, you can grow pineapples in large pieces, but you may only harvest them once a fall.


The harvest is as much as 1,130 yuan. It is strongly recommended to plant
sweet potatoes and make more money to prepare for winter.


The lake is frozen so that you can go to the lake mine for mining, remember to
bring a basket.


Recommendations for action arrangements:

Mainly cultivate crops that can make moneyThe most profitable crops are "strawberries" in spring, "pineapples" in summer, and "green peppers" in autumn.A variety of these crops should net the most money.In addition, since you will lose money if you plant flowers, you should cultivate them when you want a crop such as "Red Fantasy Vermilion Grass".When crops are cultivated on a large scale, if all the crops are harvested on the same day, the harvest will not be finished in one day.To prevent this, it is very important to stagger the days of planting.A look at the table above shows that most crops have a few days left after the final harvest date.That is to say, if the seeds are planted later within the remaining days, the number of harvests will not be reduced.If you stagger the harvest days and then ask the elves for help, you can harvest them in one day.However, if the harvesting day is delayed due to the influence of the typhoon, it is necessary to make the awareness that the crops will be harvested even overnight.

The ultimate meaning of breeding: the harvesting of by-products goes hand-in-hand with reproduction.
Let us breed two of each species of the same species.
Harvesting and propagation of by-products can be performed simultaneously.
And if you raise chickens, don't put the next egg into the incubator immediately after the chick is born.
In order to raise the upper limit of favorability, it is necessary to let the previous generation of chicks grow into chickens before the chicks are born.
So, put the eggs in the incubator 5 days after the chicks are born.
Profitable by-products on a monthly basis
The most profitable thing is "cheese".
When actually playing, it is better to harvest by-products from different species of animals.
However, if the goal is to increase income, it is recommended to raise more cows and then sell "cheese".
It is very effective to increase the number of cattle that can produce P-type and above.
The ultimate meaning of mining: the profound meaning of mining aiming at the
255th floor underground
If you want to go deeper, the recovery item is indispensable.
The recommended ones are "Curry Udon" that can restore 60 points of
stamina, and "Super Fatigue Eliminator" that can restore 50 points of fatigue.
To be able to carry as much as possible, prepare a large backpack.
When you aim for a deep level, go to the level where you can mine the target
item you need in one go.
Although it will reduce physical strength, if you use the acupuncture point,
you can quickly advance to the depths, so use it.
In addition, in order to reach the target number of floors, it is an iron rule not to
enter the mining field before PM10:00 on the way to the depths.
If the target is the 255th floor under the ground, if you prepare a lot of "curry
udon" and "super anti-fatigue medicine", about 9 pieces will be enough.
Dig until exhaustion runs out.
Although it is okay to recover when there is very little stamina left, you can
continue to mine even if you have no stamina when the recovery items are
used up.
Since you can still move until the fatigue level reaches the limit, let’s dig as
much as possible.
When the fatigue level icon turns blue, use "Black Grass" or "Super Fatigue
Eliminator" to recover, and stick to it.
Also, store more "black grass" and eat it together if your fatigue is reduced.
Refresh with the props that will appear in the archive
The props that appear on each floor are decided when the floor is reached.
That is to say, if you store it before reaching this floor and reach this floor
again, the items that appear can be refreshed.
This method is especially useful for items with low occurrence rates.
If you don't find the item you want, you can increase the chance of getting it
by reading the previous save.
Even if none of the things you want are unearthed, you can start by refreshing.
Making "Winter Sun" can make a lot of money!
You can make a lot of money by selling "Pink Diamond", "Alexandrite" and
"Sage's Stone".
But if you collect other materials to make "Winter Sun", you can make a lot of
money if you sell it to Huo An.
Because the price sold to Huo An will change, if you can sell it at a maximum
of 17G, then sell it.
It takes some perseverance, but if you collect the materials to make "Winter
Sun", you can make a lot of money.
Decide on your goals for the whole year and reach them later.
Even if you play casually with Buddhism, this work is very fun.
But if you set a good goal and then play, it can improve the efficiency a lot.
Here is a summary of the prologue and the main goals of the first year and the
points for reaching them.
Because the threshold of the goal is a little higher, everything is put forward,
so it does not matter if the goal that is difficult to achieve can be reached after
the second year.
Even if you reach a few of the goals introduced, the game should be able to
continue easily.
Prologue: Farming, breeding, and excavation are all slightly expanded.
After completing 1 to 3, enshrine it, then go to the hot spring to recover your
stamina, and then go to the spring mine to dig.
To worship the goddess, choose "roadside wildflowers" at the beginning.
Kappa's offerings are enough after harvesting "cucumbers".
In addition, how to use the money earned in the prologue is equally important.
If it is recommended, follow the following order. The first priority is to
transform the "watering device" into a "copper watering device" first.

activities calore for days off from the farm

Recommendations for action arrangements:

basic schedule

take care of animals

Handling work in the field

shopping (communication with residents)

Dedicated to goddesses and kappa

Excavate and ship at the mine

Where money should be used first

Remodel "Bronze Irrigator" (1000G)

Purchase the chicken (1500G)

Transform "Bronze Axe" (1000G)

Purchase "Backpack" (3000G)

Expansion of own house (more spacious home) (3000G)

The first year focuses on strengthening the protagonist

In the first year, after strengthening the protagonist with "Fruit of Mystery

Tree" and "Fruit of Power Tree", let's expand the scale of farming and


"Mysterious Fruit" is the top priority.

If you start cultivating cucumbers on the 2nd of spring, you can harvest them

for the first time on the 11th of spring.

Then, if you dedicate it to Kappa every day, you can get it as early as the 21st

of spring.

If the "fruit of the tree of power" is enshrined to the goddess 10 times, dug out

from the field, the 100th floor of the spring mine, the back of the entrance of

the lake mine in winter, and the 19th underground floor of the lake mine Let's

start with methods such as layers.

The recipe for "curry udon" is available in summer as long as you watch TV

every Tuesday.

Since cooking items have been sold since the expansion of your home, let's

expand your home in spring and collect the cooking items you need.

In addition, "100 of each of the three basic crops from spring to autumn" is

the goal of opening the "Additional Seeds of the General Store". If it can be

achieved, "Strawberry", "Pumpkin" and "Spinach" can be cultivated.

To achieve the target of the number of shipments of the three basic crops, it

can be achieved by expanding the field as soon as possible.

The main goal of the first year

Get "Mysterious Tree Fruit"

Get 5 "Power Tree Fruits"

100 pcs of each of the three basic crops from spring to autumn

Delegate the work to the elf

Collect all cooking props

Learn the recipe of "Curry Udon"

Expand the planting area to 18 blocks (1 block = 3 × 3 tiles)

Expansion of Chicken and Rabbit Hut

reproduction of animals

In the second year, let’s have a formal exchange with the residents.

If you can get a horse through the "Let the horse run" event in the winter of

the first year, you can shorten the travel time.

Take advantage of this mobility by engaging in daily conversations with

residents and sending gifts to increase your friendliness and favorability.

In the second year, in order to win the championship in several festivals, aim

for the spring or autumn horse racing, chicken festival, and soft-blowing


If you are going to expand the chicken and rabbit hut in the first year for the

Soft Matte Festival, and breed Angora rabbits, you will be able to breed

Angora rabbits with friendliness of 8 or more, which may win the

championship, in autumn.

Also, if you have been offering sacrifices to the goddess since spring, "Pa"

should appear, and you can start trying to breed pets at this time.

Among the goals below, blessing items, "Goddess's Treasure", and "Kappa's

Treasure", if you can make "Curry Udon", you should be able to start almost

all of them.

However, in order to obtain cursed items that can be turned into blessing

items, all the scythes, hoes, axes, hammers, irrigators, and fishing rods must

be mithril, so let’s do them one by one.

When it comes to gifts for residents, focus on "like best" or "like better" and

prepare props using cooking.

 Main goals for the second year

Let’s increase the friendliness and favorability of residents in one go

Be the champion in horse racing, chicken festival, and squishy festival

Expansion of the house (second time)

Collect Mithril Items and Blessing Items

Expand the farming area to 36 blocks

Get "Goddess' Treasure" and "Kappa's Treasure"

keep a pet

The third year, the effective utilization time of "Flying Stone"

If you get the "Flying Stone", you can shorten the travel time even more than a

horse. Just use it for farming and communicating with residents.

From the second year, if you start to improve the friendliness and favorability

of the residents, it will reach the highest level in the third year, and then you

can go to get married or show great relatives and friends.

Also, if you have collected all the blessing items, you can get the "Sage's


Transform sage items, use the "Winter Sun" to make money, and rebuild the

equipment that has not been rebuilt.

Also, if you start raising cows from the first year, you can consider winning the

championship at the Cow Festival this year.

At the same time, try to win the championship at the cooking festival and the

seaside festival.

"Flying Stone" can be obtained from spring 1 of the third year. You must go to

the 255th floor of the spring mining field, and the occurrence rate is also high.

If you get blessing items and sage items, you can water a wide range of fields

at one time. So expand the area of ​​farming and increase income.

 Main goals for the third year

Get the "Flying Stone"

Collect sage props

The area of ​​farming has been expanded to 72

Retrofit all other equipment that is left unmodified

Won the championship at the Cooking Festival, Beef Festival, and Sea


Marriage or a big gift

After the fourth year, it will be more perfect

After the fourth year, challenge unfinished goals and various achievements.

In particular, the mountain villa can only be bought after 50 years of marriage,

so just keep playing.

The same is true for getting "Real Treasures". In addition, it takes a lot of

money to collect all the super high-priced items of "Pa".

Use all means of shipping crops or by-products to save money and challenge

to buy everything.

Goals after four years

Complete the collection of goddesses

Completed performance

Get three villas

Get the "Jade of Reality"

Buy all "Pa" products

several roles in this game
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