About Pojifi


What is Pojifi?

Pojifi is a high-tech enterprise integrating research, design, development, manufacturing, and sales, which was founded in 2016. The unexpected epidemic hasn’t impeded but accelerated the pace of development of Pojifi. That is because we hope that every game lover could find a suitable switch controller no matter where and when.


Pojifi mainly launched smart switch controllers and game accessories. The reason why we didn’t release too many products is that we do every effort to make better products. Pojifi meets the need of customers as core, based on the quality and focusing on the service. Therefore, we are deeply cultivating the gamepad and accessories. We are going to launch new products continuously for improving and upgrading the performance of our products. Pojifi continues to improve the appearance of products to keep up with the public’s aesthetics, which is not only a controller paddles; but also a work of art that can be appreciated.

Pojifi's cooperative factory has the latest manufacturing machines, fully-skilled workers, and specialized product R&D personnel, which can provide a large number of products and also specialized customization services.


In addition, Pojifi has extended the overseas markets and also possesses the corresponding certifications and qualifications, which include logistics, payment, after-sales, and other services, and we can deliver every product to customers safely and timely.

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