Entry Level - How to choose a suitable gamepad for yourself?

Entry Level - How to choose a suitable gamepad for yourself? Pojifi

In order to choose the wireless game controller which is really suitable for them, many game lovers will choose to search for some strategies before purchasing their first gamepad. Some bloggers will recommend some controllers with high-performance and high-quality. Some bloggers suggest you to buy some items from the famous brand. However, some bloggers will tell you to buy the gamepads with high cost performance. These recommendation all make sense. So now let’s move to our original question, which gamepad should I buy


According to my rough research, players' purchase psychology for the wireless controllers is temporarily divided into the following categories:

Players want a gamepad which could match with their aesthetics and bring them better game experience.

Nowadays, we have the high pursuit for the beauty. There is no doubt that the controllers with better appearance will win a very good popularity. It’s obvious that if there exists an controller whose quality is above the average line, and the appearance could match with customers’ psychology, many people will choose this type of controller.


Players would like to choose big brands such as PS, Switch, Xbox. Because they are more professional which could adapt to a variety of hosts.

For the vast majority of game lovers, the reason why they purchase the wireless controllers is that they want to improve their game experience. The most important function for them is the ability to connect with various hosts, otherwise it is worthless. The status quo is that the giant game companies that we all know have monopolized the majority of the games. So buying the controllers from these famous brands probably is the best choice. It’s generally believed that this sort of controller is specially designed for games and the consoles, which must be a 100% match. So they have an idea in their mind, that is there is no problem for them to choose these brands.


Game lovers want to choose a cost-effective controller.

People are fascinated with new things. We could possess a large amount of clothes, and this is the same for handles. For beginners, it’s their first time to buy a controller. Even though they refer others’ comments and evaluations about the gamepads, but they don’t have any intuitive feelings otherwise they use them to have an real touch. If my current financial situation does not allow me to buy an expensive gamepad, should I sacrifice my quality of life to buy an expensive gamepad? Even the products from those famous brands have better performance, most players would like to choose the controllers with high cost-effectiveness. This is understandable. After all, it's still attractive to buy 2 mid-to-high-profile controllers for the price of one high-profile controller, isn't  it?


These situations are the prevailing view from my investigations. So which sort of controllers is suitable for you from my point of view?

1. Your economic situations are very good.

If you’re willing to spend more money for your controller, you’ll have more options. This is the society. If your economic situations are very good, you can choose the controllers from famous brands with the best performance and in line with your aesthetics, such as the latest ps, Xbox and switch without worrying about the price. As long as you’re willing to pay enough money, you can buy professional controllers that are adapted to various sorts of consoles, and you can even customize your own controllers.


2.Youre a game enthusiast with a lot of experience, but your economic level is not so high.

You can probably sacrifice the quality of life to buy a few latest gamepads with high popularity, and then evaluate them on social media such as YouTube and Tiktok. When your traffic is large enough, you can get extra income, and you can collect more game controllers that you want. We highly recommend you this way because you can make money by this and at the same time, you can keep your hobby.

Because you're poor

3. You just want to play games and don’t have much budget for gamepads.

Actually, beginners don’t need the controllers with too many complex functions. Some basic functions are enough for the beginners. As for the hand feel, they are quite user-friendly, and there are basically no major flaws. Except for some old players who need high sensitivity, which are more sensitive to controllers. In order to better meet the needs of the market, the brand's aesthetics can also adapt to most game lovers. You can always find a gamepad that suits your aesthetic. In addition, many of the current controllers are suitable for major host PCs, Android, ios, switch, steam, etc., and the quality is not much different. The only difference is the brand.

Of course, I have another recommendation, you can buy second-hand high-quality big brand controllers, which is also a good choice.

Here we have a question: I would like to ask everyone who sees this blog, do you want to buy a wireless controller with a big brand, high quality, good performance and high price, or do you want to buy 2 to 3 small brands, high quality, medium-high performance, medium price controller?

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1. Every controller has 3 ways to connect, they are Bluetooth, WIFI and USB cable. Sometimes the Bluetooth and WIFI will delay as a result of the network issues. USB is more stable, however it’s not so convenient. We recommend you to buy an adapter.2. If the joystick cap and protective cover are used for the controllers at the same time, the joystick cannot reach 360°. And if the size of the protective cover is too large, your game experience will be influenced. As for which one you choose to use, is determined by yourself.

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