Beginner-professional controller recommendation

Beginner-professional controller recommendation Pojifi

You should think about which type of console you have before you consider buying your controller. For example, if you have a switch host, you should choose the wireless controller which is compatible with the your switch console. In other words, you should choose a controller which really fits you depending on what type of games you’d like to play. For example, if you like playing Halo infinite Campaign, you should choose the kind of controller which has the function of shooting. Now I will continue to introduce which type of controller to buy to you from two stages of players.

Primary game lovers

Function: Basic Functions

If the game you play is just a mobile game or a simple story game which do not need too much operations, then those controllers with basic functions could be suitable for you. The basic functions mainly concludes 2 joysticks, one directional key, one back key, one xyab key, one“+”key, one“-”key, one home key, one capture button, data cable, able to connect WIFI and Bluetooth, and adapt to Switch host/Xbox host/PS host/Android, PC.



From the aspect of Ergonomics, the radian of the handle will affect the comfort of your holding, European and American players have larger hands than Asians, which need the controllers that have wider radian. The distance between thumb and joystick could be increased by this way. To increase the grip comfort, (obviously, the radian of PS/Xbox is larger, suitable for players with larger hands); the height of the joystick is also a factor that affects the comfort of the grip. The taller rocker cap is more suitable for Europeans and Americans with larger hands, and those players with small hands are suitable for the lower rocker caps.





The performance of most current game controllers could meet the demands of entry game lovers. If you want to know the specific performance of your wireless game controller, you can measure the state of the joystick and anything else that the HTML5 Gamepad Api can report according to the gamepad tester. And it’s super useful for debugging those broken controllers and the experimental hardware, etc.


Professional Game Lovers

Function: Basic Functions+Additional Functions

In terms of basic functions, the back button needs to be flexible, such as professional gun shooting games, racing games and ball games, which can control the strength of the accelerator, the strength of the brake, and the strength of shooting the ball. Instead of pressing the button to the end, either do not step on the accelerator, or step on the foot to the end. Then for some games with higher difficulty, the basic functions may not meet the needs, and some games require you to use some buttons at the same time: 2 joysticks + x/y/a/b, this time you need an additional function: detachable metal return key, which is on the back of the controller and can replace the xyab button to allow you use multiple functions at the same time, one click burst turbo function, N1, N2, M1, M2, custom programming, joystick and cross key interchange function,etc. 



The appearance should not only meet the ergonomic radian, but even the hands of each person are different. The controllers provide a function of replacing the rocket cap in order to fit as many players as possible, which could adapt the players better. One of the reason is that the height of the joystick cap not only influences the comfort of holding, but also affects the gaming experience. When you’re operating, if you can’t steel the joystick immediately, it will influence your gaming consequence directly, which make your operation not so accurate.



Besides testing the performance of the controller from the website, you can also get the basic information from the material of your controller. At present, the material of the joystick and the back button has a great influence on the performance of the game controller. If the game you play needs high and complicated operations, you need a professional controller which needs to have better performance. AS for this case, we recommend you to buy a joystick with built-in electromagnetic induction function. 

In addition to the common functions above, such as the appearance and performance above., controller manufacturers continue to add more accessories and functions, such as headphones, keyboards and other accessories, and the function of swapping joysticks and cross keys, so that the appearance of the controller can be asymmetrical like that of xbox or symmetrical to that of PS. This will make players feel that they possess two different controllers at the same time.


In general, it is better to choose a gamepad that suits you than to choose a multifunctional gamepad. If you are not sure which controller really fits you, please go to the Official Website to find customer service, and inform them of your situation, and let him recommend you the product before deciding to buy, which will save a lot of time for yourself.


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