"DREAM CREATOR" activity is over!

"DREAM CREATOR" activity is over!

In July of this year, pojifi launched the AL-NS2080 light-up Game Controller, which was released for the first time and was our new arrival, and we hosted the DREAM CREATOR theme activity on the official homepage of our Facebook: PojifiOfficial.

We're giving out the welfare to our fans, including first prize: Game Controller+ Multifunctional Charging Stand+Charging dock, second prize: Game Controller + Video conversion base, and the third prize: A high-tech controller the same with the first and the second prize.

Pojifi activity prize

Congratulations to the lucky participants who have received the gifts.

List of award-winners

Although the activity is over, if you come to our Amazon platform to buy in the near future, still have a 20% discount.

Finally, we will still launch some activities when the new product is released. Pay attention to us and you will have a chance to get our free gifts.

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